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The first step towards treatment is to have an assessment conducted by a skilled clinician to determine the appropriate placement and level of care for you. Once residential treatment is recommended as the appropriate level of care, Farnum will offer you treatment at one of our three locations in Manchester or Franklin, New Hampshire. Our team will work with you and your family on what items you could bring for your stay.

Other struggles are oftentimes connected to addiction.  Farnum’s caring residential staff are able to treat and work with you if you experience anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance and a variety of issues that commonly concern individuals in treatment.

What to Expect

Throughout the day, residential clients participate in Three Principles focused group counseling sessions as well as other recovery activities. In our state-of-the-art facilities, we provide you with three nutritious meals a day prepared by our in-house talented and creative kitchen team. When you are not in structured programming, you will enjoy socializing, meditating, participating in recreation, and other fun and productive activities during your free time. There is access to an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and a wide array of outdoor recreational activities to access during scheduled times. We offer a variety of activities both on and off campus.

The average length of stay for our residential program is between three and four weeks, depending on your treatment needs. You may participate in treatment beyond thirty days, depending on your goals and needs.

Farnum utilizes established strength-based approaches along with Health Realization to reduce relapse, giving  you the opportunity to access your innate wisdom, and guide you in your transition back into the community.

Farnum’s Robust Aftercare Services

Starting with your initial assessment and progressing through treatment, you will partner with your treatment team to develop an aftercare plan that best suits your needs.  This typically includes assistance arranging for safe housing, necessary medical appointments, and possibly standard outpatient services or other recovery meetings.

A Network of Support

You do not need to go through recovery on your own.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) reports that a peer group or support group dramatically improves your chance of lasting recovery from substance use disorders. In our residential drug and alcohol treatment program here at Farnum, you will begin forming a network of like-minded individuals who are facing the same challenges as you during treatment and long into recovery. Our Alumni groups attend several meetings a week in the programs and regularly share in our Farnum Facebook Alumni Group page.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in New England

Let Farnum’s residential treatment program help you reach drug- or alcohol-free milestones. Contact a representative at Farnum today to learn about the admissions process.