In my role as an Event Manager for Easterseals NH, I recently had the great fortune to visit both Farnum facilities in Manchester and Franklin. During the visits, I met clients and staff, experienced the atmosphere, and witnessed the day-to-day activities of this amazing program. My take away from this experience is priceless. While not being able to divulge too much because of patient confidentiality laws, I can say that the Farnum staff truely make this program unique and offer a hand up to people seeking recovery on the front lines of New Hampshire’s opiod epidemic. .

Every employment position, regardless of the field, comes with certain requirements for education, experience, and qualifications. Farnum is no different in that regard. But, beyond the resume, Farnum employs a dedicated staff with so much heart and a true understanding of the disease of addiction.

While visiting, “Farnum Family” was a phrase I heard daily. Everyone walks with a smile on their face and pep in their step. Don’t get me wrong. This is tough work that changes and saves lives. But, Farnum staff want to be there because they whole-heartedly believe in the work they do and the potential for recovery of every person who comes through Farnum doors. While taking one of the biggest steps a person could ever take, entering treatment for addiction, having highly qualified and caring staff on hand makes all the difference. Working with clients daily, knowing them by name, and taking the time to get to see them as a whole person means that, to the Farnum staff, no one is “just a client.” With group gatherings as well as one-on-one meetings, staff are able to relate to everyone who comes to Farnum on a deeper, more personal level. Their knowledge of treatment and recovery is comprehensive, and they are committed to their mission: “Helping individuals and families find their way to a life free of the effects of alcohol and other drugs through comprehensive treatment and recovery services open to all.”

Walking through those doors, without a doubt, can be that hardest steps a person can ever take. With a family there to support them and help them on this journey, Farnum and the amazing people who work there will assure that those steps will be that best ever taken.