Why Farnum?

What sets our program apart from traditional approaches and the reason for our client’s success comes from our understanding of the how the human experience works through the three principles. Traditional approaches teach us how to tolerate our experience of life, we teach basic truths about where the human experience comes from and how it works.

Through this understanding of the human experience, people find their access to deep un-exhaustible wells of strength, resiliency, kindness and innate health that is available to everyone all the time without exception. This understanding guilds our programming our culture and our client’s recovery.

We used to see hope as something we clung on to when we felt all else was lost now we see hope as an intricate and undeniable part of the human experience and as a solid, tangible platform on which we can rebuild communities, relationships, families, and lives.

This proven, evidence-based treatment method has helped thousands of people in their long-term recovery. The Farnum experience is a journey from the day you enter the program, to the day you are ready to re-enter the community with a fresh and positive perspective.

Farnum provides high-quality treatment in 5 state-of-the-art facilities located in Manchester, NH, and Franklin, NH. Our clients receive care from a highly qualified, trained, and experienced staff. Our Cheif Medical Officer, Medical Director, Nurses, Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Clinicians, and master level alcohol and drug counselors are well grounded in the recovery process, Health Realization, and The Three Principles.

Don’t just take our word, take a look at what our past clients have to say about their time at Farnum!

Why Get Help at Farnum Recovery in New Hampshire?


I want to take this opportunity to thank the donors, Farnum staff, and the Board of Directors for allowing me this second chance at life. Without your financial assistance, they would have just locked me up. Instead, I have the chance to find a way to combat my addiction and learn why I have these thoughts and impulses to use drugs, now I am gaining the knowledge to fight back and begin my life anew. I would like to thank Chris, Danielle, and Tony for showing me that I have all the mental tools I need inside me to live a sober life.

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