Transitional Living

What is Transitional Living?

Farnum’s Transitional Living (TL) is designed for female individuals seeking the structure of a sober living environment with the support of 24-hour staffing. Clients can live at Farnum’s TL for up to 12 months while they reintegrate back into the community.

Farnum Transitional Living
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Most clients who receive transitional living services started in a higher level of care, then worked towards transitioning back into the community. There is limited availability of Transitional Living Services, but Farnum provides other options to help both male and female clients prepare for re-entering the community.  In our 2017 fiscal year, we provided over $15,000 in rent payments for clients who could not return to the environment from which they came to Farnum.

What To Expect

Transitional Living provides each client with an individualized care plan and the opportunity to take a step forward in building a sober network for themselves. The length of stay can range from 1-12 months depending on the client and their needs. TL residents are able to leave for work during the day and progressively reintegrate into the community. While living in the house, we provide our clients with groceries, guidance on resume building,  interview skills for employment, personal budget strategies and more. The TL facility is within walking distance to various recovery resources, employment opportunities, and recreational activities. Our residents are supported by staff to continue to develop their understanding of their own innate health and resiliency and to support each other in their new sober lifestyle.

What’s Next?

Starting with the initial assessment and progressing through the Transitional Living Program, clients partner with their treatment team to develop an aftercare plan that may include a step down to standard outpatient services and other recovery meetings.

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