Senator Hassan led a panel discussion with Cheryl Wilkie and leaders of several treatment programs around NH to discuss The potential impacts of changes to the federal affordable care act law and New Hampshire’s so called Medicaid expansion.

With a statewide moratorium on any new rules and regulations for any state department for the next 90 days, compounded by the expectation that President Trump will be rolling back major components of the ACA, there are concerns those rule changes will interrupt treatment service programs throughout the state.

Senator said she would do everything in her capacity to prevent interruptions in service, but admits that because we do not know what new plans might replace the status quo, it is nearly impossible to prepare for possible impacts on service.

The senator urged all treatment providers to add their voices to the public dialogue to in sure that people know what the impacts might be for any changes to any programs. She advised people to share their personal stories to ensure the publics understanding of the impact of policy changes in this arena.

The hour-long meeting included Manchester’s police chief and assistant chief as well as the NH’s treatment program supervisor (Joe Harding) from the Department of Health and Human Services.