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Three Principles LIVE Conversations: Tune in every Tuesday!
This Peer to Peer Open Recovery Group project is about providing a space for simple conversations about life, love, and recovery always directing attendees back to their own innate health and wisdom. These calls are for people who identify as being “in recovery” such as those who have recently left a formal addiction treatment center or anyone who has searched for an understanding that may lead to freedom from a destructive habit. Join us Every Tuesday on Zoom Video Conference at 8pm Eastern Time.

Three Principles defined by Sydney Banks
Sydney Banks talks about how the three principles work

Three Principles introduced to adolescents by Mara Gleason
Mara talks to the kids of Chicago about their inner superpower. It’s a superpower that we all have, and when uncovered makes us a powerful force for peace in the world.

Why aren’t we awesomer? by Michael Neill 
As founder of Supercoach Academy, an international school that teaches coaching from the inside out, Neill helps transform lives through his writing, teaching and public speaking.

Three Principle based work with clients by Barb Patterson
Barb gives insight on how the three principles helped herself and her clients.

Stress Cure by George Pransky
Learn about the nature of stress and where it comes from


We offer these links as additional resources for those battling addiction and their loved ones.

5 Signs & Symptoms of Addiction

Learn The Signs