Last week Farnum Center was contacted by the World Affairs office in New Hampshire, part of the U.S State Department. The Office of International Visitors was arranging a visit for leaders in the realm of substance abuse treatment and prevention in Pakistan, to learn about the U.S (and New Hampshire specific) response to substance misuse. Farnum Center was honored to share our experience and answer questions from:

  • Asif Bashir, Assistant to County Director/Teen Challenge in Islamabad
  • Shahnaz Dar, CEO of Kuchlak Welfare Society in Balochistan
  • Zille Hina, Manager of “Sakoon Kore” Residential and Confidential Treatment Center, Dost Welfare Foundation in Peshawar
  • Kiran Mushtaq, Training manager of Drug Free Pakistan Foundation, Karachi
  • Uzma Sadaqat, Director of Counseling Programs, Willing Ways Ltd. Lahore Pakistan

Our Clinical Director, Donna Lennon, fielded questions from our guests that spoke to the global experience of active addiction and the hope of recovery. The organizations they represented, specifically the Dost Foundation, has been reaching out to people living on the margins of society, and bringing them back into the mainstream and restoring to them their lives, their dignity, and their humanity.  Their efforts take place in the streets and all locales- FATA districts bordering Afghanistan and affluent populated areas.

We are inspired by their quest for learning and continual improvement of the behavioral health/public health climate in Pakistan. We can relate to their efforts to promote health, involve families and build awareness in communities. The challenges that we face in New Hampshire with the opioid epidemic are well known. Looking outside of the state- (even to other countries!) can offer treatment professionals with a space to discuss beliefs and ideas and we’re grateful for it.

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