Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center | Farnum RecoveryOur Mission

“Helping individuals and families find their way to a life free of the effects of alcohol and other drugs through comprehensive treatment and recovery services open to all.”

At Farnum, our philosophy is known as Health Realization (also known as the Three Principles). Using this approach, we help people realize their own inner health by coming to the understanding that every human being has a healthy internal core that is fully accessible to them. We show our clients that everyone is innately resilient and has the ability to bounce back and overcome adversity.

Throughout your stay, you will learn about your innate capacity for health, insight, and contentment. You will also learn that by understanding your own thinking and how your human operating system actually works to create your experience on a daily basis, you can more readily leave the past in the past and focus on present-moment living.

We will guide you through your journey from the day you enter our program until you are ready to leave. Working as a team, you will set treatment goals that YOU want to accomplish, helping YOU define the person that YOU want to be, not being defined by your substance use disorder.

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