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Looking Within | The Farnum Podcast

Looking within ourselves we recognize that our experience of life derives from our thinking in the moment. We often perceive that external people or circumstances outside of ourselves create our reality. This misconception can lead us astray, losing sight of our own innate wisdom and abilities. Listen below and ‘look within’ yourself to see the creative potential that exists in all living things!

At Farnum, our philosophy is known as Health Realization (also known as The Three Principles). We help people realize their own inner health by coming to the understanding that every human being has a healthy internal core that is fully accessible to them. This philosophy extends past recovery and can be universally applied to everyone, which is why we created this podcast! The conversations on looking within are about life, the human experience, and the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness. At Farnum, we show our clients that everyone is innately resilient and everyone has the ability to bounce back and overcome adversity. With this podcast, we can share our message and continue the conversation about life based on our grounding and understanding of health realization.  Our staff are the stars of our show and they are so excited to share their personal experiences and insights with YOU!

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