The Farnum Center recently received a VERY generous donation from a man who wanted to thank us for helping his loved one. We love hearing back from our former residents and their families and learning that person is doing well.  It warms our hearts to know we were able to help this family. The Farnum Center is a branch of Easter Seals NH, so we truly appreciate any financial donations. Below is the letter we received from the donor:


“Thanks for reaching out Courtney!

Your team at Farnum Center took care of my Mom, Friedl Scimo, just about a year ago when she was first admitted to the Detoxification Unit in October 2015 and then the full treatment program related to her prescription drug and alcohol addiction. She completed the program in late November 2015 and has now been sober for nearly one year! Although I do not recall the name of the senior administrator, my gratitude and decision to make such a donation is in direct response to this individuals acknowledgement of my Mom’s dire medical and psychological situation in conjunction with her very limited financial resources which led Farnum Center to cover her financial obligations rather than put her out on the street…which was the other option under consideration by Farnum at the time given insurance
issues. I believe you saved her life.

My donation is a token of my appreciation and I only hope the funds can be put to the same use which benefitted my Mom, and enable another family to save a loved one through the treatment program who may not otherwise have the financial resources or insurance. I would also like to give a special thank you to Rosita who was my Mom’s counselor at the time she completed the treatment program.

Thank you again!

Best regards,

Michael Scimo”