• Why is the physician's waiver required?

    We want our new residents to be safe. The involvement of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) is a vital piece of the “getting well” process. Being pre-approved by a PCP provides our program with a qualified opinion that the resident is capable of physical and mental participation in all aspects of our program.

  • Do Farnum programs provide medical services?

    Farnum Center and Farnum North (Webster Place & Ray House) are part of Easter Seals New Hampshire Substance Abuse Services and are under the direct supervision of Dr. Cheryl Wilkie. In May 2013, Dr. Wilkie opened a Medical Detoxification Program for our facilities. All clients who are in need of detoxification from alcohol and other drugs will be admitted to the medical detoxification unit in Manchester and will then be transported to the program that is best suited to them either in Franklin or Manchester. Our staff work closely with the Medical Detox unit to facilitate treatment of any medication assisted therapy.

  • Can residents participate if they are on medications?

    Yes. While our program believes in abstinence from mood and mind altering substances as being an essential part to recovery, individuals in need of medications to treat medical and mental health issues are encouraged to discuss their medications with our admission coordinator. Medications are allowed and clients have access to these medications with staff supervision. We ask that program participants bring a minimum 30-day supply of approved medications with refills available for the entire length of stay. Over-the-counter medications are allowed only if your physician has approved of them on the waiver form. These are state regulations we must follow.

  • What type of medical testing do residents need to qualify for the program?

    While no testing is required, other than the Physicians Waiver, we suggest checking with your PCP for any specific medical needs. Many times, physicians will order blood work to assess the level of intoxication, liver enzymes, and CBC. Some physicians look to screen for communicable diseases. Often, a tuberculosis test is also ordered. If you have any specific questions, contact your PCP. We do have physicians at Farnum who can tend to the medical needs of clients if they occur while they are with us, it is important to have your Physicians Waiver for us so we can get a head start on your care. You can print it from here.

  • Are residents able to see their Primary Care Physicians during their stay?

    If a medical need arises, or there is an appointment already scheduled, we will ask that family members participate and help with transportation. If there are no other options, every effort will be made to transport the resident to the appointment. PCPs and/or staff are encouraged to visit the resident at any time during their stay. We can accommodate evening and weekend visits.

  • What follow up medical care is required?

    Farnum Programs view the PCP as a vital stakeholder in the ongoing success of our participants. Prior to leaving the program, efforts will be made to secure an appointment with your PCP. We recommended that the resident sees their PCP at a minimum of six-month intervals for the next two years to review progress toward a healthy lifestyle.

  • What is the cost of a stay at any of the Farnum Programs?

    Our experienced staff will process the necessary paperwork directly with your insurance company to determine your out-of-pocket expenses; based on the co-pay, deductible, and the amount that your insurance company will authorize for treatment. The cost to you, if any, will not exceed $240 to $600 per day, depending upon your insurance and the program you enroll in to best meet your treatment needs. Limited scholarships are available for uninsured clients and those who are unable to pay their co-pay/deductible.

  • How do I get into a Farnum Program?

    Admission is an easy three-step process.
    Admission interview: Call our Admission Coordinator at 1.888.840.4243
    Physician’s waiver: Download this form from our website, and have the waiver completed by your PCP.
    Financial considerations: As a non-profit corporation, our tuition is due upon admission.

  • What should I bring?

    If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-840-4243.

    Must have at time of admission

    • Photo ID or other proof of NH residency. (If financial assistance is being offered)
    • Insurance card if applicable.
    • Your current medications with at least 1 refill to get you through 30 days.
    • Be ready to give a sample for urine analysis.

    Things to bring

    • Please pack a long weekend’s worth of clothes. We have washer and dryers. Please pack all of your belongings in duffel bags or plastic bags. We do not allow suitcases. Please leave your purses at home. We provide bedding and towels and you have access to laundry facilities. 
    • 1 small bag of toiletries. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, shaving items and feminine products if needed. Be aware that we do not allow any items with alcohol in the top 3 ingredients. Check your labels.
    • Bathing suit for outdoor pool (weather permitted).
    • Ladies, please limit makeup products to a handful. Extras will be sent home.
    • Money for candy/soda machine, stamps, and books. It is recommended not to bring more than $40.
    • Cigarettes, enough for your 30-day supply of commercial or generic brand cigarettes stored in sealed, unopened packs. We do not have a cigarette machine.
    • Reading materials should be recovery based or spiritual in nature. Any other reading material needs to be approved by your primary counselor. We have reading materials. You are allowed to bring one book while you are here at Farnum Center. It must be an appropriately based book.

    Things not to bring

    • Inappropriate clothing: clothes with alcohol, drug, sexual, or violent in nature are not allowed. Clothing that is too revealing is not allowed.
    • No body sprays, perfumes, cologne, or after shaves.
    • No aerosol sprays including hair spray.
    • No food, candy, gum or drinks from outside.
    • No chewing tobacco, cigars, vapes, pipes or rolling tobacco.
    • No video tapes or DVDs.
    • No iPods, iPads, smart watches, CD players or video games of any kind.
    • No cell phones.
    • Musical instruments need to be approved by staff prior to entrance.
    • No flower arrangements may be brought in and deliveries will not be accepted.
    • No cars can be left on premises. Please arrange for appropriate transportation.

    *Please always bring a photo ID.

    *If you have insurance, please bring your insurance card with you.

    *Please come prepared with proper payment. No personal checks will be accepted.

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