Ray House & Webster Place at Farnum North

Ray House & Webster Place at Farnum North

Located just 80 miles north of Boston, Farnum North campus is located on farmland in Franklin, NH. This facility provides a serene, comforting, and dignified environment for our residents. We welcome men and women, ages 17 and older, to begin their journey of sobriety.

Farnum North campus consists of Webster Place a 42 bed facility and Ray  House a 21 bed facility which is  designed for Women, Veterans and First Time Responders. It  is located on the country homestead of NH Statesman Daniel Webster. In 2008, Webster Place received a $2 million makeover, making it the perfect place for residents to relax and grow together into recovery. Then again in 2016, Ray House received $1 million dollar makeover bringing another 21 beds to the Farnum organization.

Community & Lifestyle

farnum-north-seatingFarnum North is a community for alcohol and other drug treatment. Farnum North has adopted the philosophy of Health Realization and The Three Principles which include Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. This common sense approach helps people to realize their own inner health by understanding that every human being has a healthy internal core that is accessible to them. Everyone has inner resiliency, the ability to bounce back and overcome adversity, and gain perspective of what gets in the way.

Throughout your stay, you will learn about your innate capacity for health, insight, and contentment. You will also learn how accessing a healthier perspective about your life will help you to put your past in perspective and leave it behind.

We will guide you on your journey from the day you enter our program to the day you leave. Working as a team, you will be able to reclaim your life from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and live a happy and productive life.

Your length of stay at Farnum North is open-ended. Most residents initially commit to a 30-day program. However, many stay longer after they see the changes and growth that they are making as an individual with the support of the Farnum North community.

All clients are working with counselor’s and resident instructors who help facilitate the program. They spend quality time in a one-on-one setting while assisting with  growth and challenges. Aftercare is an important part of treatment. We begin building an aftercare plan right away. We collaborate with other programs to establish recovery coaches for all individuals when they leave our programs.

Our sister program is the Farnum Center (Manchester, NH), where we have access to medical detoxification, if needed, for an additional cost.

Our family-style dining is nourishing and healthy. We encourage individuals to relax and share with each other and our team. Special dietary needs can be easily accommodated.

Our facilities are relaxing and comfortable, consisting of well-appointed double and single occupancy rooms. Each facility employs a housekeeper and residents are expected to keep their rooms and common areas clean.

The work of recovery is challenging. Every day, we take the time to try something different. We know it’s especially important to break the stress in the early stages of recovery. To that end, we provide many opportunities for residents such as  gardening, yoga, acupuncture, meditation,  arts and crafts, and more. We take field trips to lakes, oceans, baseball games, recovery events, and appropriate 12 step functions.


  • Farnum Center (Manchester, NH) offers gender-specific treatment on a three-acre site which includes a pool, basketball courts, volleyball courts, workout rooms, acupuncture and yoga. It is the State's only stand alone medical detox with medical doctors certified in addiction treatment and 24-hour nursing.
  • Webster Place is on a farm of 15 acres with a river, Exercise, music room, acupuncture yoga and volleyball courts. We have some private rooms in this facility.
  • Ray House (Franklin, NH) has specific treatment for those who have served in the military and first responders. It is across the street from The Ray House and offers the same amenities as well as gender-specific accomodations for those in need of support after medical detox.

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