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You Can Help Today!

Your monthly donation can help those on their path to recovery. Donate today!

What your donation means to Farnum & our clients:

$1,000/month| $12,000 yearly – Pays for 30 days of Residential treatment
$500/month| $6,000 yearly – Helps to offset the cost of 2 weeks of Residential treatment
$300/month| $3,600 yearly – Pays for Detox
$100/month| $1,200 yearly – Helps to cover the cost of Intensive Outpatient services
$50/month| $600 yearly – Defrays the cost of one month of transitional living
$25/month| $300 yearly – Covers the average cost of medications for a client in detox
$10/month| $120 yearly – Pays the service copay due at admission