Three Principles with ChrisBefore stumbling across this understanding, my experience of life at times, would feel like I was in the middle of the ocean in a small rowboat with a nasty storm rolling in. When I was in that rowboat I had to hold on for dear life and do everything in my power to keep the rowboat from tipping over. When the wind blew and the waves crashed, I desperately held on filled with fear until the weather cleared.

Then, Richard came along. He explained to me that I was not the person in the rowboat, that was just my ego or the id or the small mind if you will – in fact, I was the storm. He went on to explain that as real and scary as the storm might be, it was one hundred percent thought created and I was the creator of my thought storm. He explained how silly it would be for a storm to be afraid of thunder, lightning, and wind.

He continued explaining, that I wasn’t just the storm – I was the ocean and sky as well – I was the consciousness the storm was playing out in. We are not our emotional states, rather we are the space our emotional states are playing out in. The ocean has no fear of water or getting wet. The sky cannot be damaged in any way by the weather that it’s moving through.

Now, with this perspective, how much time, energy, and effort do we have to put into keeping the boat safe? From this understanding I know that I am perfectly safe even in the worst of storms.

– Chris Casagrande